Lon Humphrey Custom Knives

Thank You for visiting my forge!

I have experimented with many different ways of fabricating a knife and I am convinced that a forged knife out performs any other type of blade.

The steel I’m currently working with is W2 but I can also work in 5160 and any of the 10 series steels which are all high carbon tool steel . I don’t work with any stainless steel.

My philosophy on making knives is simple…if it’s made by a machine it’s not handmade.

I forge all my blades by hand. I do use a power hammer to work down large stock to smaller size and to make my Damascus but I don’t use any type of CNC equipment. If you’re paying a few hundred dollars for a handmade knife are you buying someone’s ability to program a CNC mill or a work of art made the way it would have been a hundred years ago?