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Some people are just meant to be knifemakers. The lure of the fire and forge, the ring of hammer on steel, it beckons.

Lon Humphrey is a knifemaker. From the age of 13, when Lon crafted his first blade, it was what he was meant to do. For over 3 decades, Lon has been producing working blades with a style that's all his own, progressing from a backyard smithy to a fully equipped knife shop deep in the woods of central Ohio, featuring everything from anvils, to CNC routers, to cryogenic tempering equipment.

Lon, along with the help of his wife Cassie, their children, and the shop Great Dane Hephaestus, have amassed quite the following among knife enthusiasts around the globe. Each Humphrey custom knife is forged, ground, assembled, finished, and sharpened by hand. Lon is a master of heat treat, and you can be sure that whatever Humphrey knife you purchase will breeze through whatever task you throw its way. In the rare event of any mishap, though, your knife is backed up by a lifetime warranty by Lon and Cassie!

From processing wild game to helping settle in at a new camp site, from EDC to defense, there's a Humphrey Custom knife to meet your needs and surpass your expectations.

Lon is very active in his facebook group, frequently posting shop tours, work in progress updates, and information about upcoming production plans. Visit http://www.facebook.com/groups/BrutedeForge/ to check it out for yourself.

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